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www.10porutham.com Terms of usage.

some definitins used in this agreement.

a)"User" means the person who has signed up in www.10porutham.com and using the free or paid access of www.10porutham.com

b)"free usage" means the limit allowed by www.10porutham.com to its users to use the facilities of www.10porutham.com

c)"paid usage" means the limit above a certain limit fixed by www.10porutham.com to its users to use the facilities of www.10porutham.com on pay per use basis.

d)“10porutham.com certificates” means the checking of star and rasi of “would be” bride with groom and vice versa.

e)““10porutham profile matching” mean the facility of matching the matrimonial profile of one registered user of 10porutham.com with other user of 10porutham.com

Terms of www.10porutham.com

1)One user must create one account , in the name of one person by duly authenticating the personal mobile number of the "user" and by providing valid email id. All impersonization and malpractices will lead to de-activation of account.

2)The www.10porutham.com results are prepared by qualified astrologers after thorough research of various 10porutham related documents. www.10porutham.com results are automatic and they are computer generated results. www.10porutham.com or its parent or group companies does not take responsibility for any mistakes, or causes due to the results supplied by www.10porutham.com.

3)In case of any dispute if and when the www.10porutham.com services are being charged, the maximum remedy allowed by www.10porutham.com will be to allow the user to enjoy the results and generate certificates equal to the amount of dispute free of charge.

4)user agrees that the access to www.10porutham.com is restricted and www.10porutham.com has the right to deny access to www.10porutham.com anytime without assigning any reasons whatsoever.

5) Once signed in www.10porutham.com , it is deemed that the users have fully agreed and accepted the terms of www.10porutham.com.

6)www.10porutham.com free usage is allowed only for personal use. All those using www.10porutham.com for commercial purposes are advised opt for the "paid usage" and to pay the user charges as per the tariff and use www.10porutham.com legally. Using the free usage for commercial purpose is illegal and attract damage claims.

7)user agrees that all the terms of this site are subject to change from time to time and user is willing to abide by those updated terms. user is willing to update himself on the terms by clicking on the terms of this site from time to time.

8)While all steps will be taken to activate the paid account usage after the payment is received at 10porutham.com, users are advised to allow 24 hours for the service to be activated.

9)“10porutham.com certificates” charges are mentioned separately and can be used by users on separate charges.

10)““10porutham profile matching” charges are mentioned separately and can be used by users on separate charges.

11)Even if the software does not restrict the user , it will be the responsibility of the user to stop using the services and pay for the extra usage. If the user is found using extra services by finding any loophole in the system, still the user will be charged for the extra usage anytime on discovery of extra usage.